The company

L.E.M. stainless steel hinges


Founded in 1962, the company has been specializing in the construction of hinges since its very first years, thanks to its remarkable experience in the metal cutting sector. The company is owned by its founder Ezio Zorzetti.


Today LEM is a dynamic operation whose core-business is the manufacture of high-capacity industrial pressed bar hinges.

The varied production focuses mainly on the use of stainless steel, both austenitic and ferritic, while at the same time maintaining the possibility of making hinges with any metal such as iron, brass, etc.

50 years

linea di tranciatura ad alta capacità

By responding to ever-increasing market demands, the company has over the years added a modern internal equipment department. Here we produce drilling molds, from design to finished product. We can also manage these at our warehouse itself, and then provide them just-in-time.

This has enabled LEM to grow an important customer base, with clients from a number of different industrial sectors ranging from vending machines, to metalwork, to household appliances, to kitchens for pleasure yachts.

The company has been operating in this particular sector for over 50 years now. LEM has a wide range of AISI 304 hinges with mirror finish, always available and in stock.

Thanks to our own welding department, at LEM we have also always been involved in the production of a small range of pleasure yacht accessories.

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